Blackjack Rules

November 7, 2017

Online Blackjack Rules Explained

There are some casino games that have become so well-known in popular culture that they have transformed the casino scene itself, often giving it a romanticized appeal that draws in millions of players from all around the globe every year. Of these games, slots, poker, roulette, and blackjack are perhaps the most famous, and each has its place in the casino.

Blackjack in particular has always been a favourite for casino visitors, and has been a staple of the casino game library for the better part of the last century. While slots are undeniably the king of the castle in terms of numbers, blackjack is not too far behind. Apart from its simplicity to play and endless thrills, blackjack also gives players something that many other games can’t: the ability to improve the chances of winning. While this has mostly been mitigated in modern casinos, it is still technically possible, and this alone will always have massive appeal among players both new and seasoned.

Part of blackjack’s massive success is thanks to the ease of blackjack rules –  they are easy to learn, but still extremely difficult to master. This is no different with online blackjack rules, and while it is possible to play with a live dealer, most newer players will want to practise on the computerized dealer, giving them a chance to learn how to play blackjack.

The Rules of The Game

Once the player has loaded up a game, they can then choose the amount they want to bet. The dealer than shuffles a full deck of cards, but more than one deck may be used, depending on that casino’s online blackjack rules. Once the cards are ready, the dealer hands two of them to the player, keeps two, and puts the rest of the cards on the table, facing down.

The aim now that the cards have been dealt is to try and get as close in value to the number 21 as possible, and this is the most pivotal role in blackjack rules. Whoever gets the closest to 21 wins the game, and both the dealer (known as the house) or the player has a chance.

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Blackjack Rules – Hit

In blackjack rules to hit means taking another card from the deck to supplement the cards already in the hand. This is done if the player believes that their hand’s value isn’t high enough. This is also where the risk is involve; if the player takes a card that has too high a value, then their hand is ruined and they go bust. Alternatively, if they hit a card that has too low a value, they might be at even more risk, as hitting again might give them the exact card they need, or destroy their hand.

Blackjack Rules – Stay

If the player feels that the value of their cards are perfect as they are, and does not feel that an increase to the value would be worth the risk, they can choose to stay. This usually means that the player is comfortable with what they have been dealt, and just have to hope that the house does not have a better score.

Blackjack Rules – Overall

These are blackjack rules at their most basic, and they may vary, depending on the casino. Most casinos will have different odds, and some might use multiple decks of cards. Whatever the case, learning these online blackjack rules can help players learn and understand how to play blackjack.