Samsung Watch Blackjack

If you don’t know what a smartwatch is, then you’ve been missing out on the latest technological innovation that is taking the world and the online gaming industry by storm.

A smartwatch is effectively a mixture between a wristwatch and a smartphone. Like a wristwatch, it is portable, wearable and can tell time. But a smartwatch can do a whole lot more than tell you what time it is.

Smartwatches can do pretty much everything a smartphone can. This includes, among other things, making phone calls, sending and receiving messages, browsing the Internet, navigating, and – as of 2014 – playing Samsung Watch casino games. Naturally, plenty of smartphone and watch manufacturers now produce smartwatches but among the most popular models currently on the market are those in the Gear S Samsung Watch range.

Top Samsung Watch Mobile Blackjack

By now, we all know that different mobile casinos are designed to cater for different mobile devices, depending primarily on the operating system on which they run. All Samsung Watch models run on Linux-based operating system, Tizen.

So has done an extensive analysis of all the best Canadian online blackjack casinos that offer games compatible with the Samsung Watch interface and Tizen OS to identify all the best ones based on selection, playability, security, graphics, and more.

Play Blackjack on Your Samsung Watch

Perhaps playing Samsung Watch casino games sounds a bit ridiculous to you. Perhaps you feel that sort of technology is better left for the scripts of far-fetched spy movies. And perhaps playing casino games on your Samsung Watch really isn’t for you. We’re not saying you should go out and buy a Samsung Watch just so you can play games on it.

But, if you already have a Samsung Watch or are considering getting one, then we bet you’re just itching to find as many possible applications for it as possible. Why not give Samsung Watch casino games a try? Signing up at a Samsung Watch casino is free and you can even try the games for free so there’s really nothing to lose and plenty to gain:

  • Complete Mobility

If you like the fact that smartphone and tablet casinos let you play anytime, anywhere, then you’ll fall in love with the degree of mobility afforded by a Samsung Watch. It’s constantly on your wrist. So all you have to do to play is raise your left arm, whenever the mood strikes you.

And you can do everything you need to – including checking payouts and odds, making deposits and withdrawals, and playing – using just your Samsung Watch.

  • It’s discreet

With the Samsung Watch, nobody even has to know that you’re playing Samsung Watch casino games. So, if you feel like filling a free moment at the office with a game of blackjack or a few slots spins, you can and no one around you will be the wiser.

  • It’s highly simplified

Because the Samsung Watch has a standard wristwatch-sized screen, there is very little space for casinos and game developers to work with. As a result, Samsung Watch casino games are clutter-free, leaving only the most vitally important elements visible.

If you hate flashy sites with complicated layouts, then the Samsung Watch is definitely for you.

A Word of Warning

The technology used for smartwatch casino games is still incredibly new so there is much ground yet to be covered before Samsung Watch casino games will fully rival standard mobile options, unlike the top iPhone casino games apps. However, top developers like Microgaming are currently hard at work creating top-quality games just for your Samsung Watch.