What Are The Best Casino Bonuses?

October 2, 2017

Casino bonuses are usually a tool used by casinos in order to get new players to try out their site and is thus granted as a welcoming gift, or as an incentive to reward loyal players for using their specific site. You can use these bonuses to give you a head start when trying out a new online game or you can use it on games you are already familiar with and like playing.

The Most Common Casino Bonuses

Most major online casino sites offer the no deposit bonus feature and this type of bonus rewards players a free bonus without the obligation of having to make a deposit. Keep in mind that this type of bonus does not require players to necessarily register in order to claim it.

The cash back casino bonus is a feature that refunds a certain percentage of your deposits or losses into your online casino account within a prescribed period of time.

A casino reload bonus is a type of bonus that is mostly applicable to existing players where a fixed percentage of your deposit value for a certain period gets credited back into your account as credit to be used again.

Loyalty bonus features are the most common and well-known type of casino bonus feature currently on offer at online casino sites. These types of bonus features include real money pay outs, free games, free spins and other gifts, just to name a few.

Match bonus features are mostly offered to first time payers and this bonus refunds a percentage of the initial deposit amount played, into the player’s profile to do with as they please. This type of bonus is almost like a pledge from the casino site, based on the amount you have deposited.

Tips On Maximising The Benefits of Bonus Features

It is important for players to keep in mind that there is usually a link between some bonuses and betting requirements. In some instances, the rules of the casino sit might require that you need to bet the bonus a prescribed number of times before you have the option of cashing out the bonus and bonus related winnings. Currently the wager requirements are usually anything from 25 to 50 times the bonus amount. When comparing casino sites, focus on the wager requirements as it is more beneficial to go for the lowest wager requirement in order to better your chances of cashing out before you run out of funds.

Players should always play it fair and should not become a typical advantage player. Most online casinos want an even chance to win their bonus back, just as much as you wanted to multiply that bonus. To keep the playing field fair, most casinos prohibit players to exceed the prescribed maximum stake when playing with your bonus money. Should you not abide by this rule your plying behaviour will be flagged as being an advantage player and you will forfeit your winnings as well as the bonus money you have received.