When Should I Hit In Blackjack?

September 12, 2017

There are reasons that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Namely; it is an exciting, entertaining game, easy to pick up, but incredibly difficult to master. Virtually anyone can start playing blackjack immediately, understanding the basic rules in just a matter of minutes. But, in order to be truly good at the game, and start winning consistently, a person could study the game for years.

Of course, not everyone has years to study blackjack, so it pays to know a few essential rules that can quickly help in raising the average winning rate. Let’s take a look at the game of blackjack now, and a learn a bit more about how to play the game better, and walk away with more cash than when you started.

Basic Blackjack Rules

First, lets go over the basic rules of the game.

The dealer is dealt one card facing up, and one card facing down, while the player is dealt two cards facing up. The object of the game is, of course, for the player to get their cards as close to twenty one, without exceeding twenty one. Upon the game starting the player may decide to hit, or to stand. Standing means the player will stick with the current cards, will hitting means that the player would like another card.

Upon the player standing, the dealer will turn over the house face down card, to reveal both cards. The dealer must attempt to get a better hand, closer to twenty one, than the player. If the house hand busts, goes over twenty one, the player wins.

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Know The Game

An important thing to keep in mind is that the player can win at blackjack, even if sticking with a total that seems far from twenty one. The player still wins when sticking with fifteen, for example, if the dealer hand is bust before achieving a total higher than fifteen. In other words; the player is going up against the house, and it is not always necessary to chase twenty one.

For this reason a player should learn to be restrained, and not take unnecessary risks. As a rule of thumb, a player should always consider standing if the total of the two cards is 17, or above. The dealer is likely to bust the house hand before managing to achieve a similar total.

If, however, the player has a total of just 13 or above, and the dealer face up card is a 6 or below, standing is also a viable strategy. This is because the odds are against the dealer managing to achieve a better hand. In other words, much of blackjack is determined by the dealer’s face up card. It is wise to assume that the dealer will not achieve a good hand, if one card is revealed to be 6 or below. If the player total is below 13, hitting is recommended.

More Detailed Strategy Guides

There are a number of specific and far detailed blackjack guides available online, many of which give precise instructions on whether hitting or standing is the better option, based on the dealer’s face up card. Those looking to get better at blackjack should consider studying these guides in detail.